Bird Weekly Challenge

#BirdWeekly Photo Challenge with Laughing Gull in the surf at Little Talbot Island State Park as the background photograph.
Sandhill Crane, Viera Wetlands, Viera, Florida.

Do birds give you a joy that can’t be explained?

Lisa with Lorikeets on her head and arm while feeding time at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida.

If so, #BirdWeekly is the photo challenge for you!

Aggressive Domestic Goose in Brandon, Florida.

Be as creative as you want as long as you meet each challenge. Don’t get chased around like I did by this guy!

How Does It Work?

Bird Weekly Photo Challenge runs from Friday through Thursday. I will set the challenge by 9am ET every Friday. Started June 12, 2020!

This weekly bird photo challenge is topic related.  For a list of upcoming topics, please see the list at the bottom of this page. I will list a few weeks in advance to give you an opportunity to go out and find your birds. Archival images would be great too!

Weekly Challenges (Past, Present & Future)

Long break that was unexpected! I’m going to try again starting April 1, 2022. My posts will be short and sweet.

  • Week #55 – Bird Headshots! (4/1/22)
  • Week #56 – Birds with more than one color of feathers. (4/8/22)
  • Week #57 – Black & white or sepia (monochrome) your choice of birds. (4/15/22)
  • Week #58 – Bird photos that were not quite perfect. A little blurry, not quite in focus. The one that got away. (4/22/22)
  • Week #59 – Birds beginning with a “I or J” (if a bird has more than one word of the name, you can use it as long as it begins with a “I or J”, ie: White Ibis or Dark-eyed Junco) (4/29/22)
  • Week #60 – Birds with gray feathers. (5/6/22)
  • Week #61 – Birds with a round head. (5/13/22)
  • Week #62 – Birds with a tufted head. (5/20/22)
  • Week #63 – Black & white or sepia (monochrome) your choice of birds. (5/27/21)
  • Week #64 – Birds near or around a sign that can be read. Like a bird sitting on top of a stop sign. (6/3/22)

This challenge is for hard core birders, backyard birding, novice nature lovers who happen to photograph birds and anyone who receives joy from watching & photographing birds. You DO NOT have to be a professional photographer to play along.

This challenge will accept and encourage original video footage, but YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE STILL PHOTO IN YOUR BLOG to go along with your video.

Be creative and challenge yourself.

ENJOY and have FUN. Here are the rules:

Create a Bird Weekly Post

  1. If possible, tell us the species of the bird(s) and/or where you were when you took the photo. If you don’t know the bird species, maybe one of the followers can help you out in their comments. We are all here to teach and learn as well!
  2. Then add a link to your blog in my comment box on my weekly post, not this page.
  3. To make it easy for others to check out your photos and post, title your blog post “Bird Weekly Challenge” or use the “#BIRDWEEKLY” tag.
  4. Create a pingback by copying my URL from MY POST for the week and link it inside your post. It will be different each week. You can get to my post if it has turned green on the weekly list above.
  5. Remember to Follow My Blog to get your weekly reminders.
  6. Use the BIRD WEEKLY Badge in your post if you choose to.

I will usually respond to your entry on your blog, rather than on my page. Do not forget to check for upcoming topics from this page located at the bottom. Patience is appreciated as this is my very first challenge offering and hopefully everything works. Fingers Crossed!


#BirdWeekly Badge for the Bird Weekly Photo Challenge. Add it to your post when participating.


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