Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Domesticated Birds

Swan Goose in Riverside Park, Jacksonville, Florida.

Welcome to Week #13 of the Bird Weekly Photo Challenge. Week #13 challenge is Domesticated Birds.

Upcoming challenges can be found on my Bird Weekly Challenge Page.

The feature image is a Swan Goose.

Domesticated birds is a term to describe any bird bred within the country it resides. However, for this challenge it is defined as any bird domesticated by man.

There are all sorts of domestic birds like Turkeys raised for eating or Ostrich & Emus for their eggs. I couldn’t find some of my other images for these birds, but please show me what you got!

Fun Facts or Not so Fun Facts

  • The goose was the first bird to be domesticated by man, however, the rock pigeon is believed to be the oldest domesticated bird, more than 5000 years ago. I wasn’t there so I cannot confirm! πŸ™‚
  • Budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds and parrots have been bred in captivity the longest.
  • Many birds sold in pet stores can live 50-100 years, outliving their owners.
  • Avian influenza affects most domestic birds, due to the relationship between domesticated birds and wild birds. Much of this happens at poultry farms and the route of migratory birds. Just like any disease or virus, it can spread from continent to continent.
  • Fowl is defined as any domesticated bird kept for eating or producing eggs. So, why do we call all aquatic birds, waterfowl? Hmmm? Coots, grebes and loons are not domesticated.

White Goose with Blue Eyes

This beauty was spotted in Floyd Lamb Park just outside of Las Vegas. I had never seen one like this until I captured this one hanging out with some Mallards.


Are Canada Geese turning domestic? It sure seems like it. They are everywhere! These captures were at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. The Canada Goose population in Florida has exploded. They are living around retention ponds in neighborhoods and have become more aggressive (or stubborn) with humans. I had to wait 20 minutes for them to clear out of the road one day in June. Because I had to wait, I was late to my physical therapy appointment, but my therapist understood. Apparently, it is a common thing over there.

Rock Pigeon

These pigeons were spotted at Floyd Lamb Park near Las Vegas. If you ever get to Vegas and rent a car, it is worth taking a day to go visit this park. We saw a Greater Roadrunner hanging out near the picnic tables just like a squirrel would in one of our parks here in Florida. There are fancy pigeons bred for exhibition competitions and are judged to decide who has the best bird. The English carrier pigeon is one of those breeds. Many domestic pigeons are considered feral pigeons where they have escaped from their owners or have been released to fend for themselves.

Swan Goose

This is the front of the photo that is the feature image. The Swan Goose comes from Mongolia and southeastern Russia. This bird has been imported in and is now interacting with other domestic geese species in the United States. Can you say hybrid?

The Flower Bird

This bird made out of flowers was hanging out in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. I had to include it as a domesticated bird. Afterall, it was staying in one of the nicest hotels in Vegas.

The Happy Hen Hotel is located at Tree Hill Nature Center in Jacksonville, Florida. This nature park has goats and chickens and miles of trails to hike. It is an educational center and provides services to the local schools for kids to come and have a field trip. They learn about plants, birds and domestic animals. The Butterfly Festival is held at this park every year. It is only 1/2 mile from my house.

This is Sinbad the parrot. He lives in Treasure Island, Florida near St. Petersburg. Now, don’t feel too bad for this bird! He liked hanging out in his cage during the day for the tourists. At home, he was free to fly around his house. He did know children’s nursery rhymes but was up to singing them with my granddaughter who was 5 at the time; she is now 15 & just started high school. Ugh!

Parrot species are wild in some country, but they are brought over here to America and sold as pets. WARNING: If you are thinking of getting a bird as a pet, know that they may live longer than you and if they are staying in a cage their whole lives, it really isn’t much of a life!

Until next week…Week #13 – Domesticated Birds

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  1. Great photos! Floyd Lamb Park is very nice, so many birds. And the tons of birds at Sunset Park too. There are too many pigeons in my neighborhood, they fly around in big flocks and land on rooftops as a flock.

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    • Thanks! I’ve seen the flocks of Rock Pigeons in Vegas. Both parks are a β€œhave to visit” when we come out there. Sad I’m homesick for Vegas and I’ve never lived there. πŸ˜‚


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