Sunday Stills – Rainy Day – 03.07.21

Flooding from Tropical Storm Fay (2008) at St. Vincent's Hospital in Jacksonville, FL.

The feature image is the ongoing flooding from Tropical Storm Fay (2008) at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL. The river seceded after a few days. What you are looking at is where the St. Johns River breached the seawall. The water covered the sidewalks where people normally walk.

This post is in response to TERRI WEBSTER SCHRANDT Sunday Stills challenge. The theme this week is Rainy Days.

Purple plant (unknown) with water droplets in the backyard after after a rain.

The rain really brightens the petals of this purple plant that I have no idea what it is called.

Ficus Tree leaves covered with raindrops captured after a rain shower.

Our Ficus tree really sparkles after a rain.

Rain shower while sitting on a covered porch of a bed & breakfast in Micanopy, FL.

Before I moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2007, I lived in Tampa. Frank lived in Jacksonville. We met at the end of 2004 online and had our first face to face meeting in January, 2005. We commuted 4 hours one way for 3 years to be together. I would go to Jacksonville every other week and Frank would come to Tampa every other week. This photo represents a weekend in 2006 when we met in Micanopy, Florida. We stayed at a bed & breakfast & this was taken from their front porch looking out at a Crepe Myrtle. This was just a quick shower. Wait 10 minutes and it will be sunny again. Typical weather in Florida.

Donned in raingear, Frank looks out over the marsh under cover of the tower for birds while the rain comes down.

Like a rare bird, I got this photo of Frank looking out over the marsh for birds on a rainy day while hiking at Okefenokee Wildlife Management in Georgia. We got some refuge from the rain at the end of the boardwalk once we climbed the roofed tower. The rain stopped on the 3/4 mile trek back to the car.

Photo of my hand made Be Kind (Bee Kind) vinyl decal perfect for putting on a glass window. Shop Today!

Do you see me in the reflection? I went out to take a photo in the rain of this Be Kind (Bee Kind) vinyl decal that I had put on my car window to add to my Etsy listing showing it is waterproof. I hand make these popular decals. Spring is here so I thought I’d share this one. I love the message and it’s perfect for spring. Get yours today!

Full rainbow over out house.

It was raining in our backyard, but not in the front yard when we saw this perfectly shaped rainbow. This particular rain pattern happens a lot at our house. I’m sure there is a perfectly good meteorological explanation for it.

We were racing down the beach trying to outrun the storm coming our way. Of course I had no concern for myself when I had to stop and video these Pelicans that got caught in some kind of updraft, but finally got out of it. The rain started at that moment and we had to take off at a quicker pace. Not because of the rain, but because we heard a clap of thunder and saw a lightning bolt within the clouds you can see in the background.

Beyond Rainy Day – TS Fay (2008)

Tropical Storm Fay of 2008 was an odd storm that zig-zagged her way through the state of Florida. It was the 6th named storm of the season. She was the first storm in recorded history to make landfall in Florida 4 times. Fay made landfall in the Florida Keys on August 18th, veered into the Gulf of Mexico where it made landfall near Naples on August 19th. It moved northeast through the Florida peninsula reaching the Atlantic Ocean near Melbourne on August 20th. Fay made landfall again on August 21st near New Smyrna Beach moving west across the Panhandle of Florida where it made landfall for the fourth time on August 23rd near Carrabelle.

Water pours over as it is still raining during Tropical Storm Fay in 2008.
Taken from a hospital room at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL on 8-21-2008

The rain came and kept coming! Downpours mixed with tidal surge allowed the tumultuous waters from the St. Johns River to breach the seawall in the Riverside community at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Jacksonville. Tropical Storm Fay of 2008 left her mark! The photos above and below were taken on August 21, 2008. This was not a direct hit as TS Fay’s eye wall passed south of Jacksonville.

Flooding at St. Vincent's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida during Tropical Storm Fay in 2008.
Plotted course of Tropical Storm Fay (2008).
Tracking Tropical Storm Fay (2008)

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    • Yeah, I’m always late. I’m going to try to get Sunday Stills in this week in a couple of days. I started it early in the week but I ended up at the emergency room on Wednesday and threw off my whole schedule! 🙂 I’m fine. They did a CT scan, checking for a blood clot. No clots! 🙂

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      • Yikes, Lisa! Blogging can wait while you take care of yourself! Glad you are OK. It’s black and white theme this week so bring out your best, birds included. I’m trying WordPress stories this week, too. You might want to check that out. If not, I’m writing about this idea and another idea for sharing images in next week’s post! But, no hurry, get better!


      • Thanks Terri! I think I have a long row to hoe. I’m getting by and just glad there is no clots. I can deal with the pain, but to have something like that as a possibility – that’s just scary! 🙂

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  1. what a storm; I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s a direct hit or not in terms of the damage the storm can cause. loved the rainbow shot and the video of the pelicans.

    by the way, did you see on the news the rare sighting of a yellow cardinal?

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    • It is really about the storm surge, tides and which side of the storm you are on at the time. The rainbow was pretty awesome. I walked out and saw it. Snapped a pic with my IPhone.

      I did see the sighting of that yellow cardinal. I’d love to see this rare bird. Almost as good of a chance as winning the lottery unless I drive to IL and raid those people’s backyard. These Northern Cardinals have a mutated gene and are not the same as the endangered Yellow Cardinal species from South America. They are a different bird altogether. 🙂

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    • I was in the Marine Corps, but didn’t live here until long after I got out. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton and Tampa. I love Jacksonville!

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    • Thanks! yes it rains a bit here, especially during the summer with building thunderstorms and hurricane season can bring more than we care to have. We’ve been lucky in Jax and that is all I’m going to say as to not jinx it. LOL! 🙂


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