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#Write Photo – Tower – Haiku

#WritePhoto challenge – Tower
Hello Rapunzel!
Are you there my dear beauty?
Allow me to see.

SQUARES – Bright Antlers

A deer antler chandelier adorns the ceiling of this multi-generation home in Cedartown, Georgia of a relative of Frank’s. I thought how unique it was and had to take a photo of it. I knew it would come in handy at some point. It brightly lit up the room.

SQUARES – Stained Glass

The only light coming into the little church at Mountain Top Inn & Resort in Warm Springs, Georgia was from the stained glass windows. This hummingbird spoke to me as I sat in the wooden pew feeling euphoric. I was alone in the building, but yet, I wasn’t alone at all. It was a bright spot to our trip in October 2019, pre-covid.

Sunday Stills – Spring Green – 03.21 .21

I like to color. As a kid, I always wanted the large pack of crayons and never got them. As an adult, I purchased the 120 count and you can tell they are used. There are a lot of greens here that include names like fern and shamrock. Gumby sits in my office and was given to me by a coworker several years ago because I’m so flexible with deadlines.

Sunday Stills – Rainy Day – 03.07.21

Flooding from Tropical Storm Fay (2008) at St. Vincent's Hospital in Jacksonville, FL.

Tropical Storm Fay of 2008 was an odd storm that zig-zagged her way through the state of Florida. It was the 6th named storm of the season. She was the first storm in recorded history to make landfall in Florida 4 times.


Laughing Gull standing on the sand at Little Talbot Island State Park Beach.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

#Write Photo – Fantasy

The tattered tower of weathered years
Strength and longevity
Stairs to nature’s hideaway
Reality is your fantasy.

Fantasies prosper from dreams
Ring goes the clock on the hour
Tea time in the green meadow
Fortunes sought by the master.

#Write Photo – Haiku- Worn Nerves

Greetings with masks doned
Eyes smiling from both of us
Humor moves us forward

Nerves nearly worn thin
Greetings wash all fears away
Moments of normal


Lighted Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

SQUARES – Perspective – Ponce Lighthouse

Ponce de Leon Lighthouse is the tallest in Florida at 175 feet (53.34 meters) high and the second tallest in the United States behind the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina. It is equipped with a Third Order Fresnel lens and shines out 17 nautical miles (32 kilometers or 20 miles).

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