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SQUARES – Bright Beak

The American Oystercatcher is a strange looking bird to me but is one of the most recognized. With its bright orange beak and red and yellow eyes, they stand out on our beaches as they scour the sand for shellfish (clams, oysters and other saltwater molluscs) which is their exclusive diet.

A-Z Challenge – B is for Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebirds are, yes you guessed it on the east coast and throughout the midsection of North America and down into Central America. The Western Bluebirds are on the west coast from just into Canada and down to Mexico. Mountain Bluebirds are in the mountains from Mexico to well further south into Canada and Alaska than the Western Bluebird.

A-Z Challenge – A is for Anhinga

Anhinga posing for the camera. Photo is black and white leaving the eye and beak in color for nice contrast.

Anhingas are large and slender birds with a “S” shaped neck. They swim and dive live dabbling ducks with their webbed feet, however, their bodies are fully submerged and all you will see is their head and neck sticking out of the water.

Bird Weekly Round-Up – Week #40

Black and White week is always a hit! I love this challenge when we do it as it gets us into a new dimension of creativity. Composition, contrast, lighting, textures and patterns are always things to consider when creating for black and white, but it is amazing what we can do with our color photographs.

Quote – Leisure – Week #16

A day off sitting under the beach umbrella slathered in sunscreen, watching the birds fly over, closing your eyes listening to the waves crash upon the shoreline transforms the busy mind of the day to day and takes you to a place of euphoria.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #140 – Unwanted Change of Scenery

Birds were frantically feeding and flying around as storms approached Jacksonville, Florida. We had been in a Tornado Watch all day and as it got closer, we were in a Tornado Warning.

Water Water Everywhere #70 – Floating Birds

Redheads and Coots float around the Mangroves at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

Redheads and American Coots floating around among the Mangroves at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge near Titusville, Florida.

Sunday Stills – Rainy Day – 03.07.21

Flooding from Tropical Storm Fay (2008) at St. Vincent's Hospital in Jacksonville, FL.

Tropical Storm Fay of 2008 was an odd storm that zig-zagged her way through the state of Florida. It was the 6th named storm of the season. She was the first storm in recorded history to make landfall in Florida 4 times.


The feature image is a pair of Great Black-backed Gulls at Little Talbot Island State Park. You can’t tell in this photo but one of the differences in the Lesser and Great Black-backed Gulls is the Great has pink legs whereas the Lesser has yellowish colored legs. The Lesser is smaller, but unless they are together, it is hard to distinguish without looking at the legs.

Sunday Stills – Feeding Birds – 02.21.21

During the winter, we go through a lot of bird feed. We purchase our seed at our favorite Bird Store, Wild Birds Unlimited at Jacksonville Beach, Florida. We are annual members.

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