Category: Foliage

Greenery plants in nature. Leaf or leaves on a tree, bush or flower.

FOTD – Tweety & Lily – Haiku

Lily is in bloom
Tweety sniffs at her beauty
Close by end of day.

SQUARES – Bright Berry

This bright red heart-shaped strawberry was hanging on it’s vine begging for me to pick it. I did and within a day, it was a deep dark red and tasty!

Sunday Stills – Spring Green – 03.21 .21

I like to color. As a kid, I always wanted the large pack of crayons and never got them. As an adult, I purchased the 120 count and you can tell they are used. There are a lot of greens here that include names like fern and shamrock. Gumby sits in my office and was given to me by a coworker several years ago because I’m so flexible with deadlines.

Quote – Spring – Week #16

I hope you will be inspired to share your favorite quotes and join Marsha’s Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays. Visit her page for upcoming challenge themes.

Share Your Desktop Photo – March – Montana

It is funny that I didn’t have any idea what my desktop photo was because I have 30 or 40 tabs open at a time on two separate monitors. I rarely go to my desktop.

Sunday Stills – Rainy Day – 03.07.21

Flooding from Tropical Storm Fay (2008) at St. Vincent's Hospital in Jacksonville, FL.

Tropical Storm Fay of 2008 was an odd storm that zig-zagged her way through the state of Florida. It was the 6th named storm of the season. She was the first storm in recorded history to make landfall in Florida 4 times.

SQUARES – 3 Fingers Up

These two characters were found in the Sonoran Desert not far from White Tank Mountain Park.

SQUARES – Up On The Bridge

This was my daughter about 14 years ago while on a hike. Kaela was crossing the bridge and her rosy cheeks were a telltale sign as to it being cold

SQUARES – Up in Smoke

Controlled burns are to help prevent forest fires that could spread quickly with the slightest ignition.

SQUARES – Perched upon the Driftwood

Tweety was in full photography mode while posing upon the driftwood sculpture that Frank had built in one of the flower gardens. Tweety was so photogenic and gave us many days of pleasure photography him.

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