SQUARES – Kindred Spirits

Frank & me with our Bichon Frise, Heaven in Melbourne, Florida for Thanksgiving a few years ago.

Okay, so I was inspired by Becky’s post yesterday for squares with her hubby celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Frank and I, plus Heaven are all one little kindred spirit. With the kids grown and doing their own thing, we will often just take off to somewhere for Thanksgiving. This photo was taken a few years ago when we decided to stay at a bed & breakfast for Thanksgiving. We found one in Melbourne, Florida that allowed small dogs. Heaven got to go with us on this trip. This is Florida…80 degrees fahrenheit in November.

Frank baked a turkey before we left Jacksonville and we had our cooler packed up for a weekend of birding. On Thanksgiving, we had a picnic lunch near one of our favorite birding areas in Viera, Florida. There is a park near there with covered pavillions. The park was virtually empty as most people are home with their families. We found a nice area near a pond and as soon as we had unpacked the car, a storm hit. Luckily we were covered but the wind kept blowing the lettuce and tomatoes off our turkey sandwiches. It was one of the best Thanksgivings EVER!

Day 28 – Squares – “Kind”

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16 Comments on “SQUARES – Kindred Spirits

    • It was quite a site. We laughed so hard and then it go irritating and we laughed some more because we were having Thanksgiving outside. The storm only lasted about 30 minutes and then we had perfect weather the rest of the day. 🙂

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    • Probably going to stay home. First of all, cases are still on the rise with our dumb-ass governor opening everything back up and his & Trumps attitudes towards wearing masks. I don’t trust staying anywhere and we don’t have a travel trailer to hook up and just go wherever. Maybe we’ll go birding and take our goodies out for a picnic on a day hike. Weather will still be nice. 🙂 At least by then we will know our fate since election day is next Tuesday!

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      • Thanks Becky! My niece is from my ex-husband’s family is getting married in December and we probably won’t be able to attend because of the same reason. Funny…I’m invited but my ex-husband isn’t and it’s his brother’s daughter. I’m felt honored and I would love to shoot her wedding as a gift, but Frank is even more paranoid about the virus than me. 🙂


      • oh be so amazing if you could go, but understand how Frank feels – the risks are high. Hopefully you will find a solution xx

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  1. Lovely to read of your “escape weekend” over Thanksgiving. Roger and I often think about “escaping” over Christmas – but our (grown-up) family wouldn’t allow it! I once spent Christmas in Uganda (wthout Roger) and the family weren’t happy!

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    • Yeah, it’s good to get away! Unfortunately, we won’t be spending Christmas with the family at all. My BFF & her husband may come for the first time for Christmas but it is just the 2 of them like it is the 2 of us. They have visited twice this year so far and it has broken up the monotony of not having anyone around. I’ve seen my youngest daughter 3 times since the pandemic. She lives here in town. My other kids & grandkids I haven’t seen since January. 🙂


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