Sunday Stills – Orange

Cauldron of Fire where a skeleton is sacrificing another skeleton's head at Halloween.

The feature image is one of our Halloween displays that depicts one skeleton sacrificing another skeleton’s head by throwing it into the Cauldron of Fire!

This post is in response to TERRI WEBSTER SCHRANDT Sunday Stills challenge that is being hosted by Hugh W. Roberts of Hugh’s Views & News for the month of September – This Week, September 6th is Orange. Saturday seems to be my day to write Sunday Stills for the previous Sunday.

Moving into Fall (my favorite season), Halloween will be here soon. Next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday. We usually go all out and have a massive display of goons and ghouls with purple and orange lights flashing down our walkway for trick-or-treaters to scamper up the path if they dare! This year, it is not going to happen. With COVID still rampant in the state of Florida, we have decided to not decorate and not encourage kids to visit. We usually have 200-300 trick-or-treaters. This saddens me so much!

The photo on the right is our house all decorated for Halloween & to entice the brave trick-or-treaters to the front platform. They had to get past the goons & ghouls before they were allowed any treat! “Eek!” is how they were feeling while I enjoyed my cupcake.

The patio area at Casa Coquina del Mar Bed and Breakfast in Titusville, FL. This is our favorite place to stay when we make a trip down there. Ginny & Dennis are wonderful hosts and are quite accommodating. You can actually see the Cape Canaveral launch pad from the second story. If you ever visit Titusville, Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, this is the place to stay.

One of our throw pillows.
Visiting the grave of my hubby’s parents. We took orange tulips on our last visit.

On the left is a sunrise over Cape Canaveral Space Center. Looking directly out on the horizon is one of the launch pads. On the right is a sunset in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport as we were taking off to head home from our trip to Montana, Wyoming and Idaho last September.

Selfie of me in my orange rain jacket. This shot was taken at Dreamcatcher Bed & Breakfast in Victor, Idaho last September. This was a beautiful property and we can’t wait to go back!

Columbia and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get a free plug here! GO BUCS!

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  1. Great photos, Lisa. Seeing them got me to thinking. I clearly remember during my 1985-1987 tour in Greece how the color orange was the fashion fad when it came to women’s clothing. I believe that’s where the saying “Orange is the new black” originated. From an archetypal point of view, the color orange has both negative and positive meanings. Negative meaning: forced change, disruption. Positive meaning: adventure, change, vibrancy. Then there’s the Godfather movies. When the popular fruit–that we all love, I think I’ll go have me a glass since I just finished mowing my lawn–is in the films’ scenes it takes on a very deadly meaning as you’ll see in the following web link.

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    • That’s fantastic, Skip! I should have thought of “Orange is the new Black”. I only watched the first 2 seasons of it, but still! 🙂 I had forgotten about The Godfather and the oranges everywhere. Short-term memory works best for me. LOL! 🙂


      • Interesting, this fruit we call the orange, Lisa, and the many things humans have associated with it. As for the orange fashion fad in Greece, a loud orange colored garment was usually accompanied by an equally loud green colored garment. I don’t believe I ever got used to this combination, but the Greeks loved it.

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  2. I love your Halloween decorations, Susan. Such a shame that the pandemic is going to dampen the celebrations this year. Like you, autumn is my favourite season. I also love Christmas and Halloween. We also have Guy Fawkes Day (also known as Bonfire Night) on November 5th, which is another day I enjoy.

    Thank you so much for joining me for Sunday Stills.

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