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#Write Photo – The Guardian

The Guardian poem #writephoto photo prompt from Sue Vincent.

the guardian bellows justice
to all the world’s maker
love conquers the beast
forgiving sins of the taker

#Write Photo – The Bridge

breathe in the purest air
painted path doeth take

#Write Photo – Daybreak

fog feels the air with unknown
bequesting rhythm with the tone

#Write Photo – Storm Brews

a body of water deep and high
mixed with color of the sky.

#Write Photo – Cascade

Mindful of the cliffs Tall trees lined each bank Birds flit and sing A caressing song To my log I cling. No fog or pollution Clean air all around Breath the perfume Flowers hidden below Clear thoughts resume. Gurgling water flows down Embankment delights…

#Write Photo – Eve

On the Eve of Mardi Gras We wondered into the woods Chased by some crazies Or maybe, I misunderstood. My friends and I Turned west in a flash Donned on our masks Crack, bang, clash. Was that a portkey Touched by mistake Oh Lord,…

#Write Photo – Otherworldly

Flying in seemed easy Headwinds caught the ship Flat rocks to land upon The controls, oops, I slipped. Spiralling fast towards the river Life flashed before my eyes The cold water blasts my skin Splat this little green guy dies. Smeared along the rock…

Chasing a Magpie – #writephoto

The Magpie cursed my camera.

“Somewhere” (Haiku)- Thursday photo prompt: Frozen #writephoto

“Somewhere”(haiku)frozen are the weedsdawn shines reflective icingleading to somewhere

Ghosts or Angels

She had heard stories from the old timers in the village that this place was haunted.

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Refugees welcome - Flüchtlinge willkommen I am teaching German to refugees. Ich unterrichte geflüchtete Menschen in der deutschen Sprache. I am writing this blog in English and German because my friends speak English and German. Ich schreibe auf Deutsch und Englisch, weil meine Freunde Deutsch und Englisch sprechen.

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Images by T.Dashfield Photography

The camera gave me an incredible freedom. It gave me the ability to parade through the world and look at people and things very, very closely. Carrie Mae Weems

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