#Write Photo – Thumbnail

Crescent Moon photo courtesy of Sue Vincent.
Photo of a crescent moon by Sue Vincent for #WritePhoto.
Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

darkness overtakes the setting sun
nighttime has just begun
no moon to brighten the flowing brook
pitch black ceiling, just look

looking into the night sky
stars twinkle so bright
curved light of the crescent moon
thumbnail shines with the tune

the tune of twinkle twinkle little star
how I wonder what's on Mars
sitting above the horizon shone
phases change, lessons known

known for moody, cranky days
brighter nights as I phase
keep watching the thumb grow out in half
sipping wine from the carafe

the carafe clear with purple wine
or a beer in a stein
becoming full is my goal
creeping into your soul

sip up...don't worry...it's just a thing
28 days, it begins again.

by:  Lisa Coleman

Sue Vincent is the host of Thursday Photo Prompt.  "Crescent Moon"

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