SQUARES – Bright Eyes

To me, the Osprey has some of the brightest beautiful yellow eyes. Osprey should be the state bird of Florida instead of the Northern Mockingbird. I wonder if I could petition to make that happen. I mean, the Northern Mockingbird was designated in 1927 as our state bird. Hmmmm?

Osprey enjoy fresh fish. Sometimes from great heights, they will dive to pluck fish out of the water, shake off a bit and fly away in one fluid movement. Although there are times that they don’t quite get a good grip on their fish at the moment of impact. They may struggle a bit just off the surface of the water until they adjust their find with those powerful talons. Once they have the grip they want, they will fly up into a nearby tree to indulge in their meal. It’s quite sad when they drop their catch after all of that trouble.

Day 20 – Squares – “Bright”

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24 Comments on “SQUARES – Bright Eyes

  1. Like Owls I love their eyes! Great image, Lisa.

    I wonder if you could start a movement to change your state bird? Why was the Northern Mockingbird selected way back in 1927?
    It never hurts to look into what the process entails to make a petition to do it.

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      • oh no poor you. So sorry to hear that, at least it demonstrates that your body is doing exactly what it should do in terms of reacting to the virus. Hope you are feeling much better now

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      • Thanks Becky. I’m still nauseated but feeling much better. I don’t know if I will catch up on squares. I wouldn’t change my mind getting the vaccine. Now I can look forward to seeing the grandkids. 😊

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      • oh bless you, that’s a long time. Hopefully today will be better. and no worries about squares, even I am behind now!

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      • Thanks Becky! I probably will have a 3 day lapse and not try to catch up. I jumped from Day 20 to 24. I’ll finish out the month as is. I got behind on A-Z and my Etsy shop too. If there is time at the end of the month, I might put a trio of squares in for the missing days in one blog. Would that work for you? πŸ™‚

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      • Yes mam! I’m just glad to put the vaccines behind me and I’m going to see my kids and grandkids next weekend for Mother’s Day. Very excited about it! πŸ™‚

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