Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

I went through my photos and found some photos that contain words with “O” and “U”.

Top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse at night with the lanturn in full view.
The top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse at night.

Every month the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum has a Sunset/Moonrise Tour where only a few can climb the 219 step cylinder lighthouse. It is $30.00 per person and well worth going up there and having a chance to watch the sunset and the moon rise in the same night. Hopefully, a marine layer doesn’t come and keep you from seeing it. I’ve been there on clear nights and I’ve been there on cloudy nights. I love both! The cloudy nights make it more creepy and if you are a believer, you can feel the spirits in the air. Okay, maybe it’s the spirits they offer as refreshments once you reach the top….

If you decide to make a trip to St. Augustine, Florida, I highly recommend visiting the Lighthouse and maybe take the ghost tour. I have had some peculiar encounters both on the guided tour and just wondering around by myself or with Frank.

Sunset with clouds in the sky & the mountain range with a little bit of snow at Colter Bay at Grand Tetons National Park.
Mountains and clouds at Colter Bay, Grand Teton National Park.
Dark-eyed Junco perched up in a tree on the Targhee Mountain in Idaho.
Dark-eyed Junco in the mountains at Targhee along the backside of the Grand Tetons Mountain range.
Beautiful reflection of the clouds and mountains at String Lake in Grand Teton National Park.
Mountains & clouds reflections at String Lake in Grand Teton National Park.
Mountain Bluebird perched on a fence in Montana.
Mountain Bluebird in Montana.
Grandkids gathered on the couch awaiting their Christmas presents.
Grandkids on the couch opening Christmas presents with Grampy looking on.
The Ghoul and his bone cart roaming the streets on Halloween.
Frank dressed up as a Ghoul with his bone cart looking for his next victim. This was Halloween last year.

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      • Awe…thanks! I’ve still got an uphill battle for a couple more weeks with the store. I’m going to build a real website after the holidays & it may take 6 months to get it going, but I think I would do better with my own site. 🙂

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    • Thank you Cee for picking me this week! I almost didn’t post because of the time constraints again, but I’m glad I took the time to do it. Will be posting this week for sure. It might be last minute, but I’ve already got some photos for it. 🙂


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