Macro Monday – Sand and Shells

Shell washed ashore from the tide in the Atlantic Ocean at Florida beach.

Last week we spent another awesome day at Little Talbot Island State Park. It was a mostly cloudy day with the air temperature staying in the 80’s with a nice breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean. The water temperature is in the low to mid 70’s and was quite refreshing. We packed our beach cart with 2 chairs, a folding table, 3 umbrellas, cooler filled with our food and our camera equipment.

Half seashell with other smaller shells washed up in the sand as the tide was going out at Little Talbot Island State Park, Jacksonville, Florida.

We walked about 2 miles down the beach and found an awesome spot where there was no one around. An occasional walker or biker heading towards the end of the island strolled passed our honey hole but it was like having the beach to ourselves. Social distancing has been awesome for us except not being able to see our family.


I remembered to take my wedding rings off before getting into the water this time. There are sharks and I don’t want to be that shiny thing mistaken for food. The waves were tame compared to the last time we were out there so it made for a wonderful dip in the water and I didn’t become bait! No shadows were seen. I would call that a successful day at the beach!

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    • Thanks! It was! Hope we get out there this week but the weather isn’t cooperating so far with (now past) Tropical Storm Cristobal giving us so much weather and it hasn’t stabled out yet. 🙂


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