A-Z Challenge – A is for Anhinga

Anhinga posing for the camera. Photo is black and white leaving the eye and beak in color for nice contrast.

Anhingas are large and slender birds with a “S” shaped neck. They swim and dive live dabbling ducks with their webbed feet, however, their bodies are fully submerged and all you will see is their head and neck sticking out of the water. The are also called Snake Birds. They catch fish and eat them whole. The images in this post is a male with his silvery white streaks on his wings and back.

They will often be seen perched up on a dock, tree or anywhere they can get a grip with their wings spread wide to dry off. They are one of a few water birds that their feathers do not repel water and they need to dry their wings after being in the water fishing. They stalk fish underwater and will use their dagger like bill to stab their prey which they swallow whole.

Anhingas can be found in the southern parts of the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America. They inhibit freshwater lakes and ponds, but will also be seen in brackish areas in the mangroves and other mudflats.

This is my first time participating in April Blogging from A-Z Challenge. As a birder and photographer, I will be sharing a new bird with you every day. I host a weekly photo challenge called Bird Weekly and would love for you to stop by anytime. Join in if that is your thing too.

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    • They are not too large. They are about the size of an eagle with a lot shorter wingspan. Apparently they have Darters in Australia that look just like the ones here. 😊


  1. I love the way they hang their wings out to dry. Whenever my wife and I see a bird anywhere in the world, or on television, doing something similar we always smile and say “look, it’s doing an anhinga!”

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