SQUARES – 3 Fingers Up

Rocky desert mountain area in the White Tank Mountain Park featuring cacti.

Right cactus: “How old are you?”

Left cactus: “I’m 3 years old”, as he holds up 3 fingers.

These two characters were found in the Sonoran Desert in the White Tank Mountain Park in Arizona.

Day 28 – Squares – “UP”

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26 Comments on “SQUARES – 3 Fingers Up

    • Thanks! I’m in Florida. This was an archive photo from our trip out there almost 16 years ago. We flew out to Phoenix to shoot a wedding. After the wedding, we took a few days and went hiking. I love it all out west. I’m from Texas originally. Where abouts are you?

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      • We live in North Phoenix, an hour south of Prescott. I’m from Pittsburgh and when my parents retired, they were torn between Florida and Arizona. AZ won and has been my life ever since! Love the hiking here. And we “visit” seasons in AZ. If we want snow, we drive north to visit it. Do you like Florida?

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      • I have been in Florida for 35 years. I miss Texas but not enough to move back. I love Arizona but I’d really love to move to Nevada or Idaho. I love Vegas but not for the city, for the birding and hiking surrounding the area. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to go onto the trip on occasion and play in a Texas Hold Em’ Tournament. 🙂 I love Florida, but I’m ready for a change. My kids and grandkids are here in the state so it would be hard for me to leave permanently. 🙂

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  1. love the photo, and the dialogue…

    I had a chance to go on a Jeep tour of an Arizona desert several years ago, and I was simply stunned at the beauty (and how easy it seems like it would be to get lost)

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    • They were talking when I found them. LOL!

      A Jeep tour sounds like fun! I love the desert but I would miss the water too much. I would have to invest in body lotion if I ever lived out there. The cactus isn’t the only thing that gets prickly. 🙂

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