SQUARES – Up in Smoke

Controlled burn in Ocala National Forest near sundown.

The forest was up in smoke but not how you would think. This was a controlled burn in Ocala National Forest as the sun was going down in the west. Controlled burns are to help prevent forest fires that could spread quickly with the slightest ignition. These burns protect homes and property from future intentional arsonist, accidental fires or fires caused by lightning strikes. Another benefit to controlled burning (also known as prescribed burning) is to keep the forest healthy by reducing fuel from dropped leaves and thick growth. In addition, it may improve wildlife habitat by controlling competing vegetation, improving short term forage for grazing, increased accessibility and helps control tree disease.

Day 26 – Squares – “UP”

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    • Yes, they do this periodically throughout the state to keep forest fires from happening since we are the lightning capital of the US. Plus it keeps everything in the forest healthy. 🙂

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