SQUARES – Kind of Bloomed Out

Fully bloomed Crepe Myrtle in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is my neighbor’s Crepe Myrtle that is fully bloomed in October. The different colors almost look like autumn. This is the best example of fall colors I can get in Florida. It still looks and feels like summer here. I was taking Heaven for a walk and had to pause and snap this with my IPhone. Our Crepe Myrtles are bloomed out too but are a lot younger than this one. They strive to look like this one day.

Day 26 – Squares – “Kind”

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19 Comments on “SQUARES – Kind of Bloomed Out

    • Frank read numerous articles on the care of crepe myrtles before buying the 3 that we have. They have only been in the yard for about 8 years. The other trees in the neighborhood have been around for 30-40-50 years. 😊


    • Oh but we do get rain. It rained yesterday. Luckily we are not getting Hurricane Zeta. It is hitting New Orleans right now. The panhandlers Florida, Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana are getting hammered. We are not getting any of it. 😊


      • November 30th is the official end of hurricane season. This season has broken so many records and first time into the greek alphabet since 2005. We haven’t had much in terms of most of Florida, but the Gulf Coast has been devastated!


      • ooh for some reason i had 30th October in my head, but of course the snow birds don’t head down until after thanksgiving do they. here’s hoping this year becomes more like normal for the final couple of months xx

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      • The snowbirds can stay put! I don’t know if they will wonder down here after NY had such a rough go of covid and our numbers are still high and not going down. Trump has had many rallies in Florida in the past few weeks. Little to no masks and shoulder to shoulder, thousands of supporters. I swear this is like going to a volcano to watch a virgin be sacrificed to save everyone and feed the angry Gods.


      • Well we are not much better over here, we don’t have rallies but our numbers are rising rapidly still and we have a leader who thinks he is a British trump 😦

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