Sunday Stills – Dry – 10.04.20

Nevada Desert outside Las Vegas at sunset.

The feature image is a Nevada sunset not too far from the Desert Wildlife Refuge outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Mother Nature was kind to us that evening allowing us to take some incredible shots.

This post is in response to TERRI WEBSTER SCHRANDT Sunday Stills challenge. The theme this week is Dry. Nothing dryer than the desert!

Desert Mountain at sunset with a Joshua Tree on the left side of the very long fence.

This fence line provided perfect perspective to the mountains in the distance. The sunset was preparing to turn all sorts of beautiful blue, pink & purple for a breathtaking sunset.

Images of Death Valley. Nothing but miles of sand for hiking. The views were nothing short of perfection!

Dried up river bed near Artist Palette in Death Valley National Park.

While sitting high upon a ledge enjoying the sunset overlooking Artist Palette in the southern part of Death Valley National Park, I observed the remnants of where water flows when there is rain that could cause a flash flood. It was completely dry and if we had more time, we could have hiked down to it.

Artist Palette at sunset with its brilliant colors.

Artist Palette is on the face of the Black Mountains in Death Valley National Park. The colors are caused by oxidation of different metals, but it looks like an artist took a paintbrush to it. Artist’s Drive is 9 miles one way with curvy roads and towering mountains on either side. I recommend when you reach Artist Palette about 5 miles along this drive to take the time to get photos of this unique area. Vehicles over 25 feet are not allowed on this road.

Dried up cactus at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Even the cactus shriveled up from the dry conditions in the desert.

Valley in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Red Rock Canyon, just outside Las Vegas, Nevada provides a great outdoor adventure for birding, wildlife and observing an occasional flower. The photo above is in a valley where water flows when it rains. On this day, it was dry as a bone and prime for hiking miles and miles.

Frank & me in front of the Death Valley National Park in California on our honeymoon in 2017.
Frank & Me on our Honeymoon in 2017.

I’m ready to go back for another adventure to the wild and unpredictable desert that Nevada and California have to offer. Bring plenty of water even on cooler days. You will dry up if you don’t keep yourself well hydrated.

16 Comments on “Sunday Stills – Dry – 10.04.20

  1. Living in the desert (Arizona) I know all about being dry! We have had a dry dry summer. But as your lovely photos depict, even a dry desert can be beautiful!!

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    • My sister-in-law got married at Valley of Fire. It was beautiful what little we saw of it. We didn’t have time to hike it on that trip but hope to on our next trip to Vegas. 😊

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  2. I can’t quite understand why, but I love deserts. Perhaps it’s something to do with the ‘simplicity’? The beauty is in shapes and textures and subtleties in a limited palette of colours. I had booked to go to Namaqualand (in South Africa, bordering Namibia) this last August (but it was cancelled because of COVID) for the amazing spectacle of the deserts bursting into carpets of brightly coloured flowers just once a year when the brief rains come. If you haven’t seen pictures of it, I suggest you Google it. It has been on my bucket list for years – I don’t know if I’ll ever make it now.
    I love your photos, especially the Artist’s Palette.

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    • You said it perfectly! There is a beauty to the desert that one doesn’t know is there until you see it for yourself. I hope you do get to South Africa. Our trip got cancelled this year because of COVID also. One day, we will be able to hit the road and travel all over the US and get back to the desert. πŸ™‚


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