SQUARES – Kinda Ready

Lisa Coleman with binoculars strapped in & camera at the ready standing in front of a tree at Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Well, here I am at Red Rock Canyon, outside of Las Vegas, Nevada on a hike with Frank during our honeymoon in 2017. Binoculars and my new (at the time) Sony A6300 mirrorless camera & full frame 200mm lens at the ready. I was so fortunate to find someone who loved to be adventurous. We are certainly two of a kind and meant for each other! Most honeymoons would not have the word “desert” as part of the festivities. I’m kinda weird!

Day 6 – Squares – “Kind”

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12 Comments on “SQUARES – Kinda Ready

  1. Nice photo! I love that area, it’s about ten minutes from my home. That’s a mega lens on your camera, wow! ❀️😎🌴🌡

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    • That is awesome that you live so close. My lens is pretty great but it was almost 2K. Funny, I almost didn’t buy it and so glad I did. It’s the most expensive lens I’ve ever bought. More than any one camera body I’ve ever purchased. I almost sent it back after I got it. 😊


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