Sunday Stills – Winter Snow – nonexistent

Backside of the Grand Tetons heading up to the Grand Targhee Ski Resort.

The feature image is a look at the snow storm coming into the Grand Teton Mountain Range on the backside from Driggs, Idaho as we drove up to Targhee Ski Resort.

This post is in response to TERRI WEBSTER SCHRANDT Sunday Stills challenge that is being hosted by Cathy Ryan of Picture This for the month of August – This Week is Winter Snow.

Since I live in Florida, Winter and Snow are not in my vocabulary. In Jacksonville, it will get chilly and we will even have freezing temperatures on some nights from January-March. It’s rare we have a hard freeze. A hard freeze is temperatures that dip below 28-30 degrees fahrenheit for several days. That never happens here. The weather service will put out a hard freeze warning if we are going to be below 32 degrees for several hours because people around here won’t take precautions with their plumbing or plants if the warning isn’t broadcast. So, I have shared some rare moments of Frank & me seeing snow. The last time, was last September while driving up Grand Targhee Resort on the backside of the Grand Tetons in Alta, Wyoming. We drove to this area from Driggs, Idaho.

Watching the clouds move quickly over the mountains near Grand Targhee Ski Resort.

We were in a mix of rain, snow and sunshine driving up to Targhee Ski Resort & Bike Park in Wyoming.

It was snowing at the top of Mount Targhee in Idaho.  This selfie of Frank & me was taken in September, 2019. Grand Targhee is located on the backside of Grand Teton mountain range.

Grand Targhee Ski Resort & Bike Park was closed for summer and hadn’t reopened for winter. We pretty much had the place to ourselves to explore and look for birds.

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