Water Water Everywhere – Atlantic Tides

Atlantic Ocean at high tide coming into Little Talbot Island.

Photos by Jez is the new host of WWE that is a weekly challenge posted on Monday.

Heading back up the beach at high tide before we were not able to get back to the boardwalk. The waves were increasing with the southeast wind and the water was churned up. This is the Atlantic Ocean at Little Talbot Island State Park off of A1A between Jacksonville & Amelia Island, Florida. You can see it was REAL crowded. LOL!

12 Comments on “Water Water Everywhere – Atlantic Tides

  1. A1A was an interesting drive years ago, not unlike Alternate 19 on the west coast around Dunedin where I lived.

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    • You wouldn’t even recognize Alt 19 now. Clearwater blew up and Dunedin has grown too. Traffic is a nightmare! 😊


    • We did today! 🙂 It had been 3 weeks since I’ve been out of the house, other than to go to the post office to drop off my orders. It was short because of thunderstorms, but good to get out there for a bit. 🙂

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