#Write Photo – Lonely Sands

Sue Vincent Shimmer Photo
Image of a beach taken by Sue Vincent for #WritePhoto challenge.
Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

Take a walk down the coast
As the water rises to our feet
The cool wind blows
Our body's filled with chill.

As the sun sets with a glow
The light off the ocean bay
Blinds our thoughts
Rays of sunlight glistening.

The tide rises to our ankles
The cool becomes cold
A break in the waves
Sends chills down our spines.

The sun fades to night
The moon interferes
With a cast of light
Across the deep blue.

Holding hands in the moonlight
The tender touch of our lips
The tide rises to our knees
Within many moments
Our lives will melt away.

In the straight path, we continue forth
The breaking of the waves
Crash upon our temples
Our breath comes short.

With love in our heart
Clutched forever in spirit
Together we will always be
In the magical sand and sea.

by:  Lisa Coleman

Another poem I wrote over 37 years ago and felt it was the perfect time to share, but I added a line to work with the prompt. Looking back, I guess I was in a rough place.

Sue VincentΒ is the host of Thursday Photo Prompt.  "Glisten"

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    • Thank you! I wasn’t a bad writer at 19-20 years old. Just a couple of years prior, my senior year in high school, my English teacher told me I’d never be a published author that my writing wasn’t good enough. Guess all these years later, it turns out she was wrong! 😁

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