SQUARES – Perspective – St. Marks Lighthouse

This is the St. Marks Lighthouse in located on Apalachee Bay near Tallahassee, Florida. Photo taken looking up to the top of the lighthouse from the base.

While walking around the St. Marks Lighthouse in April, I got this notion to take a photo at the base. Due to social distancing, the lighthouse was closed inside for visitors, but we were still able to enjoy its majestic beauty from the outside. This is taken with my IPhone because I had my 200mm lens on my camera. It wouldn’t get the perspective I was going for.

This is the St. Marks Lighthouse in located on Apalachee Bay near Tallahassee, Florida. Photo taken looking up to the top of the lighthouse from the base in full frame.
Full View

My fascination with lighthouses goes back over 15 years when I started collecting them. It wasn’t until this year that we actually drove over to the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge that I finally checked this off my bucket list. It was a two-fer because we went over looking for the American Flamingo. Finally spotted it on the 3rd trip. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive one-way from Jacksonville to St. Marks, Florida. Since there were no accommodations open, this meant a day trip. A very long day trip x3 over the course of a couple of weeks. I have included the full frame image for a wider perspective.

American Flamingo which is rare to see in north Florida has been in the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge for two years.  It is believed to have blown in with Cat 5 Hurricane Michael 2 years ago.

So, you may be wondering what was so special about finding the American Flamingo. I mentioned this in my Bird Weekly – Waders blog a couple of weeks ago. This bird has been in or around the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge park for 2 years. It is believed that he blew in with Hurricane Michael which was a Category 5 hurricane at landfall in the panhandle of Florida. It is rare for this flamingo to be here or pretty much anywhere in the state of Florida. They are yearly visitors to the Everglades National Park and the Florida Keys. This was the moment Frank & I observed this bird in the wild and added a lifer to our list.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the topic for this month’s challenge from Becky. I shoot with “perspective” in mind every day! Thank you Becky for landing this right in my wheelhouse.

Day 11 – Squares – Perspective

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16 Comments on “SQUARES – Perspective – St. Marks Lighthouse

  1. What wonderful perspectives of two of my favourite things – lighthouses and flamingos πŸ™‚ I am so happy you have joined us again for squares


  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by Picture Retirement. It’s nice to meet another Floridian in the blogosphere. That lighthouse at St. Marks is a beauty and one of my favorites in Florida. We visited before the Flamingo arrived, but I have seen several photos of him/her? I’m glad you were able to spot it and get a great photo.

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    • Hi Suzanne…it’s nice to meet you as well. Yes, the whole park is impressive and one our favorite places to go. Can’t wait till it cools off a bit so we can go back. πŸ™‚

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