LCPP – Delayed – O’Hare Airport

Photo taken from my first class window seat looking out at all the airplanes behind us.  We were all waiting our turn to take off.
Planes were lined up as far as the eye could see.

Travelling is such a wonderful experience. When you are going somewhere for the first time, it is filled with so many anticipated moments. I was going to save this for the end of our journey from our trip in September to Montana, Wyoming and Idaho which I’m still writing about in my other posts. This photo was taken from my window seat from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois while we were sitting on the runway with at least 15 other aircraft waiting to take off. There were at least 7 planes behind us, but once we took off, the setting sun was incredible. We were late getting home by about 3 hours, but the 12 days prior to this moment were so incredible that it didn’t matter. It also didn’t hurt that we were sitting in first class and were getting pampered!

In response to LCPP Photo Challenge by BASIL RENÉ – Delayed

16 Comments on “LCPP – Delayed – O’Hare Airport

  1. I miss flying! I’m usually in Michigan in summer for a few days visiting family but maybe not this summer, such a bummer.

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      • Well, I suppose if you fixed some food and packed a cooler and could sleep in your car or tent camp, you could go on an awesome adventure and see some things on the way. You could take more than 3 days to get there and enjoy the sites between Vegas and there. I think it sounds awesome actually! 🙂 hmmmm!

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      • That’s a great idea, Lisa but I’d have to rent a car. My truck is too mint to take on a journey like that. It has just 21K miles at five years old and is in pristine condition. I’m the original owner too. John loves his truck! 😂

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      • 😂 well…how much would you have spent on a plane ticket? We rent mini vans when we travel. Dodge & Chrysler have the stow & go seating. You could literally have a queen size air mattress in the back. Just sayin’…😝

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      • Where do you park safely overnight? Sometimes big box stores have let people stay overnight but that’s not easy to find. A campground?

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      • I would stay in a campground and I’ve been known to sleep in my car at a rest stop off an interstate. I haven’t done that in many years though.


    • Thank you Cee! Amazing what an iPhone can do. I suppose you have to see the image to capture the image. Perfect timing. 😊 sometimes it just takes some luck as you well know. 😊


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