FOTD – Happy Mother’s Day

I would like to extend a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there who sacrifice so much for their children. I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to Frank’s mom and my mom who are looking down on us from Heaven.

Alice Good (Frank’s mom) (1922-1977)
Wanda Snow (My mom) (1946-2014)

Cee’s FOTD Challenge


A MOM protects her child
Whether human or animal
It's part of their DNA
Adore their efforts as you are capable.

MOM should be celebrated
All through the year
Her everyday sacrifices
Deserve praise while we hold her near.

Cheer for MOM
With our whole heart
For never letting us down
Each and every part.

Every part of our lives
Have come to this moment
Love MOM today
Always as if it were the last spent.

A flower to MOMs everywhere
Heros you truly are
Honoring you in every way
Close by or from afar.

By:  Lisa Coleman

Happy Mother's Day!
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26 Comments on “FOTD – Happy Mother’s Day

  1. “… as if it were the last spent.”

    As you know, John’s folks are here on the farm with us. His mom isn’t doing too terribly well– okay but… . Thanks for this. It’s lovely.

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    • Enjoy the time left no matter how difficult the situation is. You are welcome. Happy Mother’s Day! 🌷


  2. Best wishes that you spend today celebrating your dedication and love for your children, and for helping making their world a better, more joyous place to be. Happy Mom’s Day, Lisa!!!

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    • Thank you Skip! I haven’t seen any of them since January. Kaela came over today and we spent a few hours together. 😊


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