Happy Easter – 2020 – During Social Distancing

I would like to offer a prayer to our first responders, doctors, nurses, caretakers, police, and morticians who are working around the clock to care for those who are battling or have died because of COVID-19. Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time. When you start feeling overwhelmed with being in your house for days at a time, please remember those who didn’t make it out of their homes or the hospital. Think about the difficulties and emotional turmoil the front line workers are going through as they try to save lives and are often unable to do so.

Know that we can still go out into our yards and smell the flowers, watch the birds sing and take a social distancing walk to unleash that unpent energy. On this Easter Sunday, if you are reading this, we are blessed because I am alive to write it and you are alive to read it. Let’s be thankful!!!

In lieu of being in church or being with my loved ones this Easter Sunday, I have found my inspiration online. Hearing gospel music is like going to church and reminds me of my mom, my aunt, my grandmother, my granddaughters and so many others who are all in heaven now. I know they are all smiling down on us all.

Below are a few of my favorite gospel tunes by Elvis. Two of them played at my mom’s funeral almost 6 years ago. I’m glad she isn’t living through this pandemic. I’d be a nervous wreck everyday as she was a heavy smoker. I hope that you will watch the last video that was shot for Ken Burns’ Country Music Documentary that was on PBS last year. It gets the blood flowing and gets me dancing. I feel happy after hearing it. Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter Sunday!

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  1. great post and I’m with you in offering up my thanks to the people on the front line of this battle. And in a coincidence, I am working my way through the Ken Burns series on Country Music right now, and loving it!

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