Water Water Everywhere #65 – Boat Dock

Photos by Jez is the new host of WWE that is a weekly challenge posted on Monday.

Boats docked overlooking the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida just as the sun is going down.

A look at the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida from the boat dock as the sun was going down. The Matthews Bridge is in the background.

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    • I absolutely agree. I get much peace when I’m looking out over the calm water. When they are rough and choppy, I get excited. Both for the torment of Mother Nature, but because I’m not in a boat on it. The images we get during a hurricane is quite spectacular. Yes…I’m one of those that puts on my weather gear and goes out in it depending on the strength and at what point it is here. Once immediate danger has passed. 🙂


    • So sorry you missed Florida. I’m missing the western US right now. We were supposed to go to Seattle and hike Mt. Rainier last September but that didn’t happen. I’m lucky I live in a state that offers so much nature photography. 🙂

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