SQUARES – Follow Up

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Beanie Hat that I've had for almost 20 years.

Here is the follow up to my lost Tampa Bay Buccaneers Beanie Hat. After losing it on the beach at Little Talbot Island on Tuesday and going back at near dark to look for it with no success, my wonderful husband, Frank went out there on Wednesday 1/20 to look for my hat. Torn up story is here if you missed it.

After about 1 1/2 hours, he found it! Yes, that’s right….he found my hat on a beach that is over 5 miles long. I had an idea of where I may have dropped it but it still took a while. I’m happy to say that it is back home with me.

Me with my Tampa Bay Buccaneers Beanie Hat on my head after my hubby found it the next day on the beach.

On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship title. Losing my hat was kind of superstitious, but the fact that I’ve had it for almost 20 years broke my heart to have lost it. It fits my head and keeps my ears warm in cold weather. If they lose this weekend and I hadn’t found my hat, I would believe it was my fault. But now, if they lose….it’s on them!

Hopefully, the Bucs will pull out a win at Lambeau Field and go to the Superbowl which just happens to be in Tampa Bay this year. GO BUCS!

So happy to be back for squares in 2021!

Day 20 – Squares – “UP”

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42 Comments on “SQUARES – Follow Up

  1. Happy for you, Lisa. The finding of what was thought lost reminds me of a line from a Merle Haggard-George Jones duet: “Miracles appear in the strangest of places. Fancy me finding you here.”

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    • Yes, I’m relieved to have my hat back. He had motive too. Doesn’t take much to encourage him to go out to the beach…no matter the weather! 🙂 He’s a good one!

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  2. And you’ve got Tom Brady. I’m glad he’s still playing and apparently enjoying it. Watching him from when he first came off the bench to becoming the greatest quarterback of all time give us a wonderful decade of being on top of the world! Even Brady can’t play forever, but if you get a few seasons from him, he’s something else!


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