Little Talbot Island Beach erosion.  The dunes are pretty much non-existent.

We headed to the beach yesterday afternoon for a much needed break out of the house. Since the last visit to Little Talbot Island State Park in November, the beach has gotten torn up while it continues to erode. There is a beach restoration plan in the works and hopefully within the next few years, it will begin to get healthy again.

Little Talbot Island Beach erosion.  The dunes are pretty much non-existent.  So many trees have been destroyed as the water creeps closer to the restroom area.

The beach wasn’t the only thing that was torn up. I was torn up after losing my Tampa Bay Buccaneers Beanie Hat that I’ve had for almost 20 years. I dropped it somewhere along the 1 1/2 mile trek. The park closes at 5pm and I realized it when we got to the car at 4:57pm. The park ranger was nice enough to let us go look for it. We were gone 45 minutes and did not find it. I was in tears on the way home, not just because of the hat but I got some “not so good” news from two family members yesterday (two separate health related issues) and I was already upset.

So happy to be back for squares in 2021!

Day 19 – Squares – “UP”

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19 Comments on “SQUARES – Torn Up

    • Thanks! My sister is doing better and my brother-in-law is out of the hospital. My nephew is as normal as a 22 year old can be. LOL! No news on my daughter but her stuff is different. Thanks for the encouragement! πŸ™‚


  1. They do say that bad things happen in threes. 😳So sorry about your bad news and also losing your beloved hat. I can relate to that. I’d list snd found my favourite hat a few times and finally after many years of service, it started to disintegrate beyond repair. I had to say a tearful β€œFarewell” as I threw it in the trash. 😱😨

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    • Awe!!! I’m so sorry you lost your beloved hat. I have a follow up to the story for today’s square. As soon as I catch up on my comments, I will post it. I’ll just say….it is good news. LOL! πŸ™‚

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