SQUARES – Nature isn’t always Kind

This protected sea turtle nest is a visual reminder that nature & humans are not always kind. Sea Turtles have many natural predators on land and in the sea. Humans can be unkind without knowing it by traipsing around on top of a nest. This is why the park rangers put these barriers around the nesting spots to protect them from humans and other predators that may dig up these endangered eggs. Humans are amongst the biggest threat to sea turtles. The pollution of plastics, discarded fishing gear, petroleum by-products and other debris harm & kill them when they ingest these items or become entangled in them. This is a worldwide problem.

Day 18 – Squares – “Kind”

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18 Comments on “SQUARES – Nature isn’t always Kind

  1. A great reminder that wildlife is fragile and should remain fragile. That nesting spot was smart to install. When we visited the black sand beach on the Big Island of Hawaii, a sea turtle was languishing on the beach and tourists kept getting close for photo ops! Ridiculous. Probably the same people who want to get a selfie with a moose! (Funny, autocorrect tried to change selfie to selfish…).

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    • They always do that. Sometimes they line the beach but we have had such erosion with the tides this year, there haven’t been as many surviving nests. I’ve been to the black sand beaches on The Big Island. 1984. We didn’t know what a selfie was back then. 😎

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    • I agree with that! Pick one! There are so many. Hopefully the people of the United States starts with the biggest problem in 2 weeks! That would solve a whole lot of other problems. Domino effect! 😊

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