SQUARES – Mood Altering Kind

Round chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries on top.

Why does chocolate make us feel better? Scientifically, it is likely tryptophan which is an amino acid found in chocolate. It helps the brain make serotonin and makes of feel happy and satisfied. For me, I’m like a chain smoker that can’t stop smoking…only it is eating chocolate. I eat chocolate everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day. Reese’s miniatures frozen are my downfall, but just about any chocolate will do. I’m allergic to coconut & raisins, so any chocolate mixed with either item is off limits. Otherwise, SHOW ME THE CHOCOLATE!

This cake was made by our local groceries’ bakery, Publix. I have had it a time or two or three or four. Publix’s motto is “Where shopping is a pleasure”. It certainly is!!!

Day 13 – Squares – “Kind”

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30 Comments on “SQUARES – Mood Altering Kind

  1. I used to bring chocolate to meetings of leadership at our church. I believe that they greased the skids, even when we had some difficult topics to discuss.

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    • Very good idea! Keeps everyone grounded just a bit. For me, it works as good as any other form of caffeine. I don’t drink coffee and have a coke one in a while. Chocolate every single day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Looks like a perfect time, Lisa, to let all your readers know that you were the recipient of a most prestigious, lifetime award.

    First Order of the Chocolate
    Let all persons know by these presents that the honorable Lisa Coleman Good was inducted into the First Order of the Chocolate on September 18, 2017

    After due consideration, it has been deemed that Lisa Coleman Good, based on a long and arduous toil in support of moments when she had to sacrifice lifeโ€™s most precious food is deserving and worthy to be acclaimed a member in good standing of the First Order of the Chocolate, and as such will abide by the Orderโ€™s Eleven Guiding Principles.

    1. Some people are chocolate sweet, others are just plain nutty

    2. The best things in life are not fat free

    3. You never know a person until youโ€™ve both shared a box of chocolates

    4. An ounce of Godiva truffles is worth a pound of anything

    5. Flowers and champagne set the stage but itโ€™s chocolate that steals the show

    6. Donโ€™t cry over spilled milk, unless itโ€™s chocolate milk

    7. Blind dates are like chocolateโ€“they quickly disappear

    8. Milk chocolate, for all itโ€™s worth

    9. True love will remain long after the chocolates have goneโ€“provided thereโ€™s another box

    10. Money canโ€™t buy you love, but it can buy you chocolate 24-7

    11. When all else fails, fudge it!

    Let it be known by all that Lisa Coleman Good is now and forever qualified to speak with authority and frequency on and indulge in all matters pertaining to chocolate.

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    • I hereby, accept this prestigious honor and will do my best to follow these Guiding Principles set forth to the best of my ability! So help me…God…dess of Chocolate!


    • Oh, absolutely! I’ve actually made this cake too. I can’t find my photos of it. I did it for a fall fundraiser and it was all brown except for some orange decor.


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