SQUARES – Bee Kind

As we begin our journey for October Squares, I thought I would start with a “kind” message. This is my Bee Kind vinyl decal that I created for my Etsy shop in July. Funny how “Kind” is the theme for October. It was inspired to remind people to be kind to one another through the tribulations of the pandemic and remind everyone that we are all in this together. Sometimes it just takes a little kindness to help one another out, even if it is just a kind word spoken in the grocery store with your mask on! Frank and I always thank the workers for doing what they do everyday to make our lives a little easier. They have to put up with some “not so kind” people on a daily basis and we want them to know we appreciate them!

Even on a rainy dreary day, I am thankful to my friends, family and all my new blogging friends I have had the pleasure of getting to know. I was raised that if you don’t have something kind to say to someone, just don’t say anything at all. Please spread the word to be kind to others regardless of how mean they are…well there are some exception, but I won’t mention them here!

Hint: Rhymes with bump, hump, dump and chump!

Day 1 – Squares – Kind

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33 Comments on “SQUARES – Bee Kind

  1. Well done, Lisa. And, in the spirit of of words that rhyme with your unmentioned word, the following should finish out the list of choices:
    clump, crump, flump, frump, glump, grump, gump, gumpp, hump, jump, klump, klumpp, krump, kump, lumpp, nwt cimp, plump, pump, pumpe, rump, schlump, scrump, shlump, slump, stump, stumpe, stumpp, sump, thrump, thump, whump

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    • Oh how I might write a poem for just that purpose. I didn’t think of grump and that is so appropriate. πŸ˜‚


      • Yea and verily, Lisa, to any and all that’s appropo to the undeniable message posited in your post.

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  2. oh this is just beautiful and I love your words and your creativity. Hopefully our kindness will spread far and wide this month. Thank you so much for joining us again

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    • by the way you were spot on with Dad, was indeed him with that quiff and parting. And you were also correct with your guess on professions – they are all bankers on a course, learning how to become specialists in trusts, wills and probate. So both financial and legal πŸ™‚

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      • Yay! Nice puzzle. Thanks for the clue to your previous post. That was fun! There hasn’t been a generation of people quite like that generation and oh how I’d love to have those ethics & integrity instilled in the young people today. 😊


    • Oh that would be incredible! I pray autumn will bring some relief to the west coast. Cooler weather & much needed rain but not so much it causes mudslides. 😊


    • Thanks Barbara. Just need a little more of it every day. 😊 I love this decal. I don’t put decals on my car, but this one got put on after I designed it.

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    • Yes we certainly do! Thank you very much. I don’t put stickers or decals on my car, but when I finished the design, I couldn’t resist. Especially since our country is so divided. I need to make one for the other side of my car. πŸ™‚

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