SQUARES – Perspective – Fort Matanzas

Fort Matanzas is a part of the National Park Service and was built from coquina, a local shellstone. Work started on the tower in the fall of 1740 by the Spanish to guard the Matanzas Inlet which was at the mouth of the Matanzas River and could provide a backdoor to the City Of St. Augustine. St. Augustine’s primary defense system was centered around Castillo de San Marcos, the main fort in the now historic district of St. Augustine. The British and their Indian allies tried to stop the progress and attempted several attacks, unsuccessfully. You can read more stories here.

Today, the fort still stands and is a great place to visit and learn some Florida history, however, the visitor center, ferry service to the fort and all nature trails have been closed since March due to the pandemic and have no reopen date at this time. Take take a virtual tour here.

Take your pic on perspective for this one. Colonial life? Humans wage War? Having a Defense on lands vs. virus? COVID-19 Rocks our World? Travel has ceased for the most part?

Day 23 – Squares – Perspective

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  1. thinking about all those different perspectives makes me wonder – what if the pandemic had happened during WWII. Would there have been a cease fire while waiting to get it under control?

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    • I’ve thought about that too! I wonder about the troops that are still in Afghanistan and other places. Maybe Hitler would have gotten it and the war wouldn’t have lasted as long. Possibly more men, women & children would have died from it than from any other force like starvation or killed in battle. Don’t mess with the timeline…bad things happen! LOL! We watch “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” and this final season is about timeline and what happens when you make ripples in time and how it changes everything. Like “Back to the Future”.

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