Lisa Coleman posed up for a shot just before taking a photo.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

That would be me!

My friend and coworker took some photos of me one late afternoon when we stopped at Gemini Springs Park outside of Sanford, Florida. We had attended a trade show in Orlando earlier in the day back in January. She had my Nikon and got some pics of me before I knew what she was doing. In the feature image, I gave up after telling her I didn’t like to be the subject and offered up a silly pose.

And me again!
Okay…some White Ibis’ with me in the foreground.

A rare bird…Frank getting shots of a driftwood tree at high tide on Little Talbot Island Beach.

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15 Comments on “CEE’S BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE – Cameras or Photographers

    • Yes, that is a mirrorless Sony A6300 with a 200mm full frame lens. It takes great photos! For what it is, it is pretty lightweight! I never lug my Nikon around anymore. Little Talbot is our favorite beach. We went out there Sunday and it was closed to capacity. Never reopened after 5pm. Guess we will have to start going on the weekdays again. 🙂


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