SQUAREs – Perspective – St. Peters

St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Fernandina, Florida.

While taking a Sunday drive last weekend, we drove up to Fernandina, Florida to see how people were handling the mask situation. It was wonderful to see most people with a mask on or in their hands in case they got close to another human being. There were still a handful of folks that did not have any face covering on or available at a quick moment to cover themselves. IRRITATING! We didn’t get out of the car except for me to take these photos and there was no one around.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is on the main road leading into downtown Fernandina where all the gifts shops are located. The light was perfect so I had Frank drop me off while I took some photos of this very beautiful chapel. Walked all the way around and got all the angles.

Sign for St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Fernandina, Florida.  Established 1858.
They are still holding service.

I love the fact that they have a Celtic service one a month!

St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Fernandina, Florida.

I did have to include the full vision of the photo from the top of the blog just so you could get the complete reality of its beauty. It has always looked like a castle to me.

Day 17 – Squares – Perspective

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14 Comments on “SQUAREs – Perspective – St. Peters

  1. That’s a lovely church!

    Those that fail to wear a mask are those who help the spread. Shameful and selfish in my opinion.

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  2. You do an awesome job of composing your photos, Lisa. And as indicated in the following web link, St. Peter’s decision to have a Celtic service has surely enriched the community. Much needed in these conflicting and volatile times. https://www.celticchristianchurch.org/

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  3. oh wow what a wonderful tower. I had presumed it was a very fancy house, how wonderful it is a place of sanctuary

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