SQUAREs – Perspective – Osprey

Osprey perched on the top of the fencing at the Moss Bluff Lock & Dam in Ocklawaha, Florida waiting for a fishermen to discard his unwanted fish.

Just waiting for the fishermen to throw back those unwanted fish. Smart or Lazy? You be the judge!

Photo was taken at the Ocklawaha River, Moss Bluff Lock & Dam in Ocklawaha, Florida.

Day 13 – Squares – Perspective

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    • birds are certainly smarter than most people give them credit for. They have feelings too. Frank accidently cut a branch off a tree that was going to break and hit the house. He didn’t know it, but it had a nest with baby doves. The mother hung out in that tree for 5 days looking for her babies, distraught and the noise coming out of her was heartbreaking. We took the babies to the animal hospital where they were well taken care of until they fledged.

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