SQUARES – Perspective – fotd – Heirloom lilies

These heirloom lilies are called Crinum x herbertii.

This candy-striped white and maroon lily is a rare milk and wine crinum and was first grown in American gardens in the early 1800’s. It becomes a large clump, as you can see in the photo above in one season and produces side bulbs for division.

This set of flowers were all taken on the same day from the front yard of my friend and neighbors home from different perspectives not knowing what the July Squares were going to be. YAY ME! This set bloomed at the beginning of June. They come up every year with what seems like more and more. Doesn’t it remind you of a candy cane?

Taken just as the sun was coming up over the tree line. Made for some interesting shadows.

Day 10 – Squares – Perspective

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  1. Yay you indeed! How fabulous you captured these, and you are so right about candy. Remind me of English rock, a traditional seaside sweet!

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