SQUARES – Perspective – Beach Rig

MacGyver rigged umbrellas for shade with our beach chairs, cooler and table on Little Talbot Island State Park beach in Jacksonville, Florida.
Man made contraption.

Recently, we bought a new beach umbrella, but a few weeks ago when we headed to the beach, we improvised…MacGyver style. With an old umbrella pole and old wooden curtain rod, plus velcro straps and bungees, we rigged up our own beach wonderland. We carry everything in our aluminum beach cart (seen behind the chairs). Our picnic lunch is in the cooler and we have our folding camping table to eat on.

Watching Pelicans ride the waves along the shoreline in the Atlantic Ocean as the tide was coming in.
My perspective from my comfy chair in the first photo.

Brown Pelicans entertained me throughout the day. The water temperature of the Atlantic Ocean was perfect and we were out there jumping the waves. We had walked about 2 miles down the beach to find this spot and settle in for a day of serenity.

We went on a weekday, not many people, plus the park is still at only 50% capacity with 5 1/2 miles of beach to distance yourself from anyone. Social distancing at its best!

Day 8 – Squares – Perspective

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22 Comments on “SQUARES – Perspective – Beach Rig

  1. you found a great spot – although two miles is a bit of a commitment! I also like how you came completely prepared for a full day at the beach!

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    • That’s the way we roll! We get ready the night before and finish up in the morning. Then we are off for our adventure. Time goes quickly fir that 2 miles because it’s so awesome. Sometimes we only go a mile. Depends on the weather and how long we are going to be out there. Don’t want to get caught in a lightning storm. ⚡️

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      • Yes, Jim they are! You never know when a Navy helicopter is going to fly over or the next bird is going to catch your eye. Sometimes you will see a shrimp boat out fishing. Looks like the wind direction is going to change for next week and we will be heading out there again. It’s been almost 3 weeks and I’m getting cabin fever! Too hot to do anything else. 🙂

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