Lower Brink – Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Yellowstone River at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
Lower Brink Waterfall at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
Yellowstone National Park

This photo was a part of my “Living in the Moment” posts from our trip to Yellowstone National Park in September, 2019. Yellowstone Falls consists of 2 major waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The Upper Falls which was closed during our visit and the Lower Falls. The Lower Falls is the largest volume of waterfall in the Rocky Mountains in the United States. The Lower Brink is 308 feet high, almost twice as high as Niagara Falls.

Thank goodness we took the trip when we did as things didn’t go so well once the pandemic got here. There were plenty of spots for social distancing, however, some of the must-see places were screaming with tourists (just like us). We did find some “out of the mainstream” places to find serenity.

The sound of the moving water was quite loud, even from a distance.

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18 Comments on “Lower Brink – Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

  1. My husband and I just got back from there πŸ™‚ The falls and canyon was our favorite spot. As we had heard about the explosion of tourists, we planned our trip to be there on week days only and that definitely seemed to help. There were only a few spots where it felt a bit too dicey for us to linger long (like Old Faithful)

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  2. Thank you for bringing such breath taking images of our beautiful country to all of us. I am somewhat a recluse and homebody. I am seeing the world around me with OUR EYES OPEN! Thank you for sharing your adventures! I love the swamp pictures. If I want to see the country I just log on to your site. Keep the AWESOME and inspiring photographs coming. Thank you for your service for our great country. We all need to put others first and drop the instant gratification syndrome we are stuck in. May peace be in all of your lives!

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    • Thank you Charles for all the kind words. It does my heart good to know I’m making a difference. Love that β€œwith OUR EYES OPEN!” Fabulous! We aren’t traveling much right now but will be in the fall, even if it is to Florida spots. 😊


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