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Lower Brink – Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Yellowstone River at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

here were plenty of spots for social distancing, however, some of the must-see places were screaming with tourists (just like us). We did find some out of the mainstream places to find serenity.


View from on top of the world in Yellowstone National Park looking down at Undine Falls. Taken in September, 2019 on our 10 day vacation. When you click on the link below, there is a nice video of the falls. Click here to view… Continue Reading “SQUARE TOPS – ON TOP OF THE WORLD – Undine Falls”

Living In the Moment – YNP – Drive to Old Faithful

Please check with the rangers when you enter Yellowstone National Park to see how you’ll be affected.

Living in the Moment – Day 3 – Yellowstone Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

The power of the rushing water as it tumbles over the fall line takes you to a place of euphoria, or at least it did for us.

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