FOTD & Square Top – Sunflower – Haiku

Cee’s FOTD Challenge & Becky’s April Squares

Sunflower capturing the essense of Spring.
The sun fuels my soul
Landscaping the future now
Beauty in yellow

This beautiful sunflower has popped up in my neighbor’s yard across the street. My neighbor passed away a few months ago at the ripe young age of 94. The house is now for sale. Her spirit was screaming at me when I passed by while walking my dog the other day. The video will show how hard it was to capture this flower open. I exercised extreme patiences. Now as I think about it, I believe she was just playing with me, teasing me to get the image because she had a wonderful sense of humor. We often laughed in her driveway at whatever small talk we conjured up. I later found out during her funeral service, she was quite the prankster in her youth. Her birthday was in September, the day after mine so she was a Virgo…an Earth sign.

17 Comments on “FOTD & Square Top – Sunflower – Haiku

  1. I see you have a lot of wind too! Seems a constant state for the past month. But that flower is holding strong. It knows it’s life is short and is going to make the most of it. πŸ˜€

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