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Megan's spirit lives on in this beautiful pink and white lily, five years after her death from the flu.
Planted by Megan
I come back year after year
Blooming, life goes on.

This flower is special. More so than any other flower that I’ve featured on FOTD. The name of this Lily is not officially called Megan’s Lily. Honestly, I don’t know what the scientific name of this lily is called, but for our purpose here today, it is Megan’s Lily.

I had met Megan in 2013 when she was pregnant with her son. I was invited to the baby shower and as my gift to her, I photographed this special day for her and gave her a digital copy of all the photos. She was a quiet and sweet soul. She had a creative talent and so much life in her.

Megan before the birth of her son.
Megan at her baby shower

The flower of the day, Megan’s Lily was planted by Megan many years ago. Megan is the sister to my daughter’s boyfriend. Megan had just had a son who was less than a year old when she passed away from complications of the flu in December, 2014, four days before her 28th birthday. After her passing, my daughter (Kaela) and Megan’s brother (Danny) received custody of Megan’s Lily. Year after year, it has produced the most beautiful flowers. The image of the flower is this year’s bloom photographed by Kaela and sent to me via text message since I haven’t been in contact with them since the pandemic. I got permission to blog about this very special flower today and wanted the world to know that even in death, life carries on. Kaela and Danny are reminded every Easter of Megan’s essense and this lily captures the spirit that lives on inside their home as Megan says hello to Spring each year.

Megan with her son just before her passing from the flu.

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    • Thanks Mel. It was something I really wanted to share. Reminders of people we have lost doesn’t have to send us into a downward spiral. That it can be beautiful. ❤️


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