Ghosts or Angels

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"Hear the bell, do you hear the singing?"

"There is no bell and there's nobody here. It's just the wind.", said James.

"Shhh, when was the last time you heard wind that sounded like that? We shouldn't be here", Kelly whispered as she cringed when she looked up at the top of the gutted old church. She had heard stories from the old timers in the village that this place was haunted.

James looked uncertain and realized he was hearing the clanging and the singing as well. It was as if they had stepped back in time hundreds of years, a living reincarnation of the church and people. But they were alone in an empty stone ruin that once was a place of worship.

"Do you believe in ghosts or angels?", asked Kelly

James replied with a sigh, "I sure think I do now". He swallowed hard listening to the children singing, faintly. "I hope they're Angels." he said

At that moment, the wind picked up, blowing in more thick fog from the darkened waters below the cliff just on the other side of the once grand old church.

Then there was silence! No singing, just the sound of the wind and the thickening fog. James and Kelly looked at each other, locked hands, and took off running toward the road where they had left their bikes. Huffing & puffing, they escaped the grips of the fog that stopped at the edge of their pathway home.

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    • Iโ€™ve had writers block for fiction & when I saw that image, it just started coming out. Sorry, Iโ€™m a year late, but I hope this has released me to get going again. Thanks again Sue! ๐Ÿ˜‡


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