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SQUARES – Bright Light City

There are seven species of sea turtles on the planet and six of them are on the threatened or endangered list because of humans. Some of the hazards for sea turtles is them getting entangled in fishing gear, the loss of habitat due to coastal development, poaching and ocean pollution including plastic. All seven species are threatened or endangered.

SQUARES – Brighten The Mood

Tulips blooming at the Bellagio Hotel on the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. As if our moods were not brightened already on our honeymoon four years ago, seeing these beauties certainly added to an already stunning adventurous day.

SQUARES – Bright Beauty At the BELLAGIO HOtel in Vegas

The flower gardens in the Bellagio Hotel on the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a must see even if you are not staying in the hotel. All the item on the left and right of the bridge and the statue straight ahead were made of flowers. The display changes every few months. It is always a real treat to visit to see the imagination of the horticulturists.

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