Thursday Trio – Ibises

Mama Cormier’s Thursday Trios

A family of Ibises were hanging out at the boat ramp at Lake Deaton in The Villages, Florida. We had stopped here on our way back to Jacksonville from Tampa on Monday. My camera settings were set for close up shots so the other two birds were not in focus. The two adults were in full breeding colors.

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    • Thank you Dora. They are not actually in the crane family. Ibises were recently reclassified as being more related to the pelicans. Weird stuff. 🙂

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    • Thanks Jacquie. They aren’t as dangerous as heron beaks that can stab you, but those beaks let them dig and filter their food when in the shallow waters. hehehe! 🙂

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    • I’ve noticed that. There are a lot of different species all over the world that have different coloration. Some have less curved bills than others. This is the best part of Bird Weekly! 🙂

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  2. Such handsome, elegant birds! I try to keep my camera on normal unless I’m using a macro and shooting flowers. I got a great lens for my Pen F — a 12 to 200mm which more or less translates to a 24 to 400, so it goes from surprisingly close (but not nearly as good as my macro lens or my 30mm Sigma), to pretty distant. It has become my all-around lens. Right now, after five days, the birds are gone. I’ve been throwing food down on the ground below the deck which will keep the doves and Jays happy. they like walking and eating, but all the flyers have gone a’hunting. I miss them. I’m used to looking out my window first thing in the morning to see what the birds are doing and now, no birds. Thought they aren’t far. I can still hear them!

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    • The Bluebirds and Mockingbirds are around here. Haven’t seen the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds yet, but they may be around and we just haven’t seen them yet. I saw a Bald Eagle fly over the house last week and Frank saw 2 Brown Thrashers in the backyard yesterday. The Carolina Wrens & Cardinals are all over the yard too. We don’t have a drop of food in the feeders but we have a lot of trees and the birds have a lot of cover. 🙂

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