SQUARES – Brighter Times

Koi Ponds are always intriguing to me. Often times there is a waterfall of some sort which makes this not only eye pleasing but provides a zen feeling to one’s aura while observing the brightly colored fish.

This particular pond was in the gardens near my mom’s house and was the last time I spent quality time with her before she had her stroke that sent her up to heaven. She was actually with me on this day sitting on the bench next to the pond…out of breath and tired. She uncharacteristically was patient while I took these photos.

Day 24 – Squares – “Bright”

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      • Well, it certainly is a tie-breaker for the series. I haven’t watched any baseball this week. I’ve been too sick from the 2nd vaccine. What I am happy about is that we swept the Yankees last weekend. Woop Woop! πŸ™‚

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      • Whoops!
        Fever, chills, migraine, nausea, rash. The fever lasted about 40 hours. Chills a little longer. The headache which I suffer from anyway 4 days and the nausea ended today. I got shot #2 on Wednesday. I was tired and the first night I was in pain from the tip of my toes to my hair follicles. It was like the flu on steroids. Frank faired a little better. Same symptoms but didn’t last as many days. 😊

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  1. Koi get quite friendly, I’m told.

    Owen is intending to somehow get a picture of our flying squirrels. He meets them every night now when he goes out to take in the feeders. Around 9:30 there are always flyers on the feeders and the post and the fence. He took the camera today, but the moment his finger hit the shutter, it was gone. Garry says he has to go out “hot and rolling.” This refers, apparently, to getting news footage when you want to get something hard to get, so you start rolling the camera and go out alive and rolling. I suppose it would have to be video to make that work.

    Owen says they are adorable. About half the size of regular squirrels. Same gray fur, white stomach, with a puffy little tail … and HUGE eyes. Any ideas on how to get film of flying squirrels? I’m open to suggestions.

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    • Koi are friendly because they expect you to feed them. LOL! No idea how to capture a flying squirrel. I’ve never seen one, therefore I have never tried. Maybe there is something on YouTube???


  2. Are these your koi or in a public place like a park? i was very far away when my mother passed. i saw her a month before, but i couldn’t raise the funds to fly back to the U.S. again. We talked on the phone.

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    • These Koi were in a public park next to my mom’s apt. in Texas. I’m sorry you were away from your mother at a long distance and wasn’t able to see her again. When my mom had her stroke, I flew to Texas the next day. She was still alive, but in a coma. She passed away 5 days later. My sister and I stayed with her in hospice. I was in Texas for 3 weeks with her and then having the funeral and dealing with moving her things out of her apartment before coming back to Florida. It was a whirlwind, but we got it done and buried her exactly where she requested to be buried. πŸ™‚


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