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DO NOT DISTURB Sea Turtle Nest sign displayed at Little Talbot Island State Park in Jacksonville, Florida.

Thanks to conservation efforts, deliberately disturbing Sea Turtle Nests can cost you some money and may get you arrested and put in jail. Sea Turtles are on the Threatened or Endangered Species list.

There are seven species of sea turtles on the planet and six of them are on the threatened or endangered list because of humans. Some of the hazards for sea turtles is them getting entangled in fishing gear, the loss of habitat due to coastal development, poaching and ocean pollution including plastic. All seven species are threatened or endangered.

Seven Sea Turtle Species

  • Leatherback
  • Green Turtle
  • Hawksbill
  • Loggerhead
  • Olive Ridley
  • Kemp’s Ridley
  • Flatback

Sea Turtles live in almost every ocean basin in the world, nesting on tropical and subtropical beaches. They will cross entire oceans during migration. They are true long haulers. Some loggerheads will migrate to Baja California Sur, Mexico to forage and then return home to Japan to nest. The loggerhead is the only sea turtle that is on the threatened list, whereas the other 6 are on the endangered list.

What can you do to help protect sea turtles?

  • Reduce marine debris that may entangle or be accidentally eaten by sea turtles.
  • Participate in coastal clean-ups.
  • Reduce single use plastic and keep it off our beaches.
  • Carry reusable water bottles and shopping bags.
  • Keep nesting beaches dark and safe.
  • Heed the warning signs and stay away from the nests that are cordoned off by Park Rangers.

Being aware of the dangers these sea turtles face and thanks to the many biologist, marine biologist and foundations, the future is getting brighter for these awesome sea creatures. We have to continue to be diligent as human beings in respecting nature and the sea turtles that existed long before us. If we don’t take the steps now by doing our part, these sea turtles will become extinct.

Day 18 – Squares – “Bright”

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