A-Z Challenge – J is for Jay

The feature image is a Florida Scrub-Jay seen near the entrance of Cape Canaveral National Seashore in Titusville, Florida. It is always on a luck and a prayer that we catch a glimpse of one or two when we go birding down at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. The seashore is just a few miles from all the great birding driving trails at the refuge.

Florida Scrub-Jay

The Florida Scrub-Jay can only be found in…you guessed it….Florida. They have a flat untufted head similar to the California Scrub-Jay. This bird is difficult to find but if you are lucky to see one, they can be found in Florida’s sandy soil in scrub oak. They do not migrate and they rarely move more than a few miles from where they were hatched. One of our hot spots to see them is near the entrance to Cape Canaveral National Seashore just outside the back gate to Cape Canaveral.

Blue Jay

The Blue Jay, a symbol of the Major League Baseball Team, The Toronto Blue Jays is a large loud songbird with a tufted head. They are extremely social and have a tight family bond within their families. Blue Jays are found in North America. They will visit your feeders to pluck out peanuts, sunflower seeds and suet.

This is my first time participating in April Blogging from A-Z Challenge. As a birder and photographer, I will be sharing a new bird with you every day. I host a weekly photo challenge called Bird Weekly and would love for you to stop by anytime. Join in if that is your thing too.

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    • I think so too! The Florida Scrub-Jay is another nemesis bird. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. They are watching us though for sure. πŸ™‚

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