SQUARES – Creativity Brightens our Lives

Things are not as they seem!

Preparing lunch with our folding chairs and tables at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.  We used the hood of my car for shade.

NO, WE ARE NOT BROKE DOWN! Contrary to popular believe, this FORD was NOTFound On Road Dead”. On a day trip to Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, we found a quiet spot off Black Point Drive (the main road through the wildlife drive). Unfortunately, there was no shade to be found for us to enjoy our lunch. We always pack our folding chairs and folding tables with us so we can make a picnic anywhere.


We are very creative when it comes to being outside and one with nature. Finding comfort in listening to the birds, while sitting in a makeshift shade while eating our lunch…well…it just doesn’t get better than that! We simply popped the hood of my car and instant shade from the bright sunshine. Not sure we can do that on future trips because we take Frank’s Prius anytime we go birding now. His hood isn’t quite as big as mine.

Frank and Heaven are the bright spots in my life!

Day 6 – Squares – “Bright”

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    • Oh yes she was! She was just happy to be outside. We had to keep her close because of the potential for alligators. 😊


    • Thanks Barbara. The Marines taught me to adapt and overcome. Frank & I are both creative people so…MacGyver step aside. LOL! 🙂

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