Organizing Your Photos Part Two: What’s in YOUR WP Media File?

Another great bit of info from Marsha on part II.

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

Hi friends,

Thanks to Lisa Coleman, hostess for Bird Weekly Challenge, photographer, and graphic artist, for spending about an hour with me researching to write this post, searching for files, editing and making adjustments to our WordPress Media Files.

Before we start, here’s my main question to you this week. Are you blogging on or I have done both for almost an equal number of years. My preference for ease of use is because I’m a technophobe. I’d rather concentrate of writing and photography – that’s hard enough. or

I wrote this article experimenting with the media files in Whether you chose to make changes to them or not, is up to you. The media files for work the same way, but the problem may not stem from the media file.

If you are a .org user, your best help will come…

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